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Open Mic


Monday Open Mic Info

21+ Only
Free Admission
Sign up for slots #1-9 @ 6pm
Sign Up For Slots #10-20 and overflow @ 7:30pm
Bar opens @ 6:30pm (please stay in the roped off area until 6:30pm)
Music starts @ 7pm
Hard stop @ 11pm
At Soundcheck Studios, Mondays are all about celebrating your musical talent at our Open MicNight, where you perform on our main stage!!

Here's what you need to know to make the most of this vibrant event:

Respect the Schedule
Please be mindful of your spot and come prepared to perform. We encourage you to tune your instrument and set up your equipment near the stairs during the act
preceding yours.

Keep it Swift
To ensure that everyone has a chance to shine, we kindly request that you make
your stage time efficient. Get on and off the stage as swiftly as possible, allowing fellow musicians to showcase their skills.

One Spot Per Person
We want to give as many musicians as possible the opportunity to perform. We ask that each individual sign up for only one spot. If you're signing up on someone
else's behalf, please make sure they are present or part of your band.

Accompanying Musicians
If you wish to be an accompanying musician, indicate your intention by signing up on the list. However, please note that this doesn't guarantee a performance slot, as many bands may have already organized their acts before the open mic.

We greatly appreciate your support and understanding as we come together to celebrate music on Mondays at Soundcheck Studios.

Rock on!
Declan & Tyler
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